CMMS Turnkey Implementation

CMMS Turnkey Implementation; Developing and implementing a maintenance strategy for a newspaper publishing group.

A large national newspaper publishing house had expanded and taken over several printing sites, acquiring the existing equipment, processes, maintenance management practices and planned preventive maintenance (PPM) systems.

Three of the 11 sites had a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) in place; the others had no software and relied on very basic methods of PPM, such as spreadsheets. Each site operated its maintenance management system in isolation.

The media organisation wanted to rationalise maintenance management practice and planning so the 11 sites would be working together and not independently; it wanted to identify ways to save costs; and it wanted to reduce vulnerability for unplanned downtime to avoid newspapers being late in hitting the streets.

What we did 

In a process that took several months, we sent our teams to all 11 sites to gather information relating to the various maintenance management systems being used and to fully understand the current situation throughout the group. This included developing a comprehensive understanding of all of the equipment that needed to be incorporated in a group-wide maintenance strategy supported by an effective CMMS tool.

Based upon the results of the data gathering exercise we produced a detailed report, suggesting an overarching maintenance strategy for the business as a whole, and how each of the 11 sites could operate in concert, as well as individually, to achieve this.

After this suggested maintenance strategy had been accepted, we then installed our HolisTechTM CMMS system at one of the sites and fully implemented the system in line with the requirements of the new maintenance strategy providing a full turnkey solution. At the same time we trained the customer’s maintenance engineers and these engineers were then able to roll out the HolisTechTM software across the remaining sites, with our ongoing support. Finally, we provided services that allowed the system to be interfaced with all other relevant business software within the group.

The outcome of the CMMS Turnkey Implementation

The publisher now has a single CMMS for all its sites, which is also fully interfaced with the business’s other software systems. In conjunction with a group-wide, recognised and effective maintenance strategy, there is now a high level of consistency and all maintenance, including PPM, is effectively managed throughout the group.

The system enables the sites to share information so the correct amount of stock is carried – in fact, in the first six months following installation the business saved £250,000 in spare parts due to having an effective inventory management system operated within HolisTechTM and in line with a maintenance strategy.

Additionally, the company now knows the level of resources allocated to maintenance and can identify ways to make further savings by sharing spare parts inventory across the board.

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