HolisTechTM Web CMMS

Simple and effective equipment maintenance for your organisation: all in one place

Many CMMS packages are hard to use and don’t provide the level of reporting that clients need.

We have over 22 years of experience in developing and implementing maintenance software. As a result, the HolisTechTM Web CMMS has been designed to be powerful and user-friendly.

Manage every aspect of your maintenance requirements, all through your browser.

See how easy to use the HolisTechTM Web CMMS is for yourself – claim your free trial today.

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Reporting options to suit your needs

Different organisations have different reporting requirements. With the HolisTechTM Web CMMS, you can easily access a wide range of reporting options.

You can also use the report writer to create your own bespoke reports, with the option to restrict access to specific users.

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A system that flexes around you

You need your CMMS to undertake various tasks, from managing your asset list to keeping track of maintenance schedules. HolisTechTM Web CMMS has a wide range of modular functions, offering all the support you’ll ever need from a CMMS.

You can customise your application, so it works the way you want. Add or remove modules and turn features on and off to suit your particular requirements. You can also integrate your existing systems into the platform for maximum functionality.

We can even develop and implement custom features so you can manage everything in one convenient place.

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Training to help optimise your web application to the fullest

We want you to get the most out of the HolisTechTM Web CMMS, so we offer training to help you achieve your specific goals.

Whether you opt for online or offline training, our specialists are here to ensure you save time and minimise costs.

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Seamless integration with the rest of your systems

We have over 20 years’ experience in interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), meaning we can integrate your HolisTechTM CMMS Web Application to any other apps you use.

Whether you need to integrate to financial software, HRM software, ERP, SCADAs, PLCs, meters or sensors, we have it covered.

HolisTech™ Integration
CMMS HolisTech Web Interface

Try our web application before you buy

We offer a free trial of the HolisTechTM CMMS Web Application so you can see how it will benefit your organisation for yourself.

As well as access to the web application and the HolisTechTM  CMMS Smart App, you can contact our telephone helpdesk with any questions or queries you have.

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