What is a CMMS?

A CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Software) system, sometimes called an AMS (Asset Management System), or an EAMS (Enterprise Asset Management System) is an electronic reporting tool to help Engineering, Maintenance and Technical teams to understand work and resources associated with maintained equipment. The tool uses entered data to help understand and report on things like:

  • the equipment itself
  • the planned and completed work for the equipment
  • the spare parts and tools associated with the work
  • the resources associated with the work (internal and external)
  • the costs and benefits of the work to the organisation

The key point is that a CMMS is a reporting tool which does nothing without the right data being entered within it! Of course, HolisTech™ is an excellent tool and so why not get in touch and have a free trial?

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What is a CMMS in terms of functions?

A CMMS includes core functions to help make sure engineers and technicians know what work they need to do, when and for what equipment and makes sure all of the reporting around that work actually means something. Basic functions include:

  • Asset Register functions as a repository for everything that’s known about the equipment that’s being maintained
  • Human Resources functions so internal and external resources related to the work can be recorded, understood and reported on
  • Stock, Spare Part and Tool recording functions so everything the team needs to do the work is understood, can be purchased, stored and also can be reported on
  • PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) functions so all forms of routine and cyclical maintenance can be planned, progressed, completed and reported upon. Don’t forget this includes Calendar, Meter and Condition Based Maintenance – whichever is the most appropriate
  • One-off work recording, progressing and completion functions so all forms of ad-hoc work can be reported on (reactive, or proactive work)
  • Work control and visualisation functions so the work itself can be planned, progressed and completed easily by the right team members
  • Lots and lots of reporting functions so all of the information can be visualised, published and used to help make informed decisions (otherwise you’re just guessing!)

Of course, HolisTech™ does all of that and much more so why not give it a try?

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What is a CMMS without data?

Put simply, a CMMS needs data to function! There are two types of essential data that’s needed; the Base Data and the Ongoing Data:

  • Base Data is all of the information a system needs to be able to operate. This includes the Asset Register, the PPM Regime, the Stock/Spares info and all the Configuration data the system needs. Plus, don’t forget that any necessary changes to the data need to be taken account of
  • Ongoing Data is all of the information that needs to be entered every day. This includes, new work records, progression of existing work, completion of work, Stock book-ins and outs, team member holidays and absence, on-going health and safety risk assessment, 5-Why analysis, new procurements, goods deliveries etc. etc. You name it, if it happens in the engineering and maintenance environment, it needs to be entered!

Of course, SMP Ltd. can help you with all of this, have a look at our Implementation page to see more!

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CMMS HolisTech Web Data

What is a CMMS within an organisation?

A good CMMS should do three basic things very well and if it does, it will fit seamlessly within the organisation and be an invaluable reporting tool:

  • A CMMS needs to be scalable. As big, or as small as your organisation requires!
  • A CMMS needs to be easily integrated. Easily linked to any other software via an API (Application Programming Interface), or through a direct Interface. What’s the point of data being entered multiple times after all?
  • A CMMS needs to be useable. So team members can use the system easily, or the data you need just won’t get entered. No data, no reports!

As you’d expect, HolisTech™ is great at all of these things so why not have a free trial?

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There's loads more to understand about CMMS...

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