HolisTechTM CMMS Training

What is a CMMS without the right training? It’s a tool nobody knows how to use and so it’s no good to anyone!

To make sure you and your team know how to use the ‘tool’, we offer a complete range of training options for HolisTechTM that will maximise staff effectiveness while minimising system administration and costs.

Put simply, we’ll make sure you can get the best out of the system!

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Perfect your skills!

We offer a range of training options to suit you and your team and make sure you get the training you need.

In fact, we don’t even provide the HolisTechTM CMMS without key staff completing at least our SYS01 & PPM01 training modules and there’s a whole host of other training you could consider too (have a look at the table opposite).

Our training is always delivered live by one of our knowledgeable training team and can be in our comfy hi-tech training suite (so you can be away from all those distractions at work), can be provided on-line (so you can complete the training from anywhere in the world), or we can even train onsite if you’d prefer (though that would need to be specially arranged, of course).

HolisTechTM Web courses that match your requirement

To book one of our training modules, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1793 823013 or get in touch via our contact page by clicking on the button below and we’ll be delighted to make all of the necessary arrangements. Plus, don’t forget we can provide ad-hoc and bespoke training for HolisTechTM too!

If you fancy making use of our fantastic training suite here in Swindon, there’s a schedule of dates opposite, although please note that all of the info is provisional at the moment (which isn’t a surprise is it?) and so give us a call for further information. Note also that our training centre is on the first floor and so if you have mobility issues, please let us know when you get in touch so we can make the right arrangements.

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