"Why are we different? Because we offer implemented solutions and not just systems"

Neil Grant MSc. C.Eng. MIMechE
Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.

Often the time, money and effort to implement a Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) is vastly underestimated. We’re here to change that and implement our CMMS in the most cost effective way possible, with the most flexible approach on the market.

HolisTechTM Web

& its companion application

HolisTechTM Smart

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CMMS Desktop, tablet, smartphone


'DIY', 'Assisted' or 'Full Turnkey' CMMS Implementation Solutions


Remove all the pain and utilise our on-site Project Management services for a full turnkey solution.


Learn the ropes with our on-site Project Manager to implement an assisted ‘pilot project’.


Choose to implement in-house with your own resources supported by our team of professionals.

Why use our services for implementation?

Simply put, it works! With 20 years experience in implementing our CMMS, we have a proven methodology and the case studies to show it.

We offer a fixed price for implementation with no hidden extras.

Once we finish you’re ready to go live the very next day with a fully operational CMMS. We’ve completed over 130 turnkey projects globally to include implementing circa

  • 500,000 assets
  • 100,000 maintenance instructions
  • Countless part items added to the stock module

When we talk about implementation we mean implementation, not imports, not installation, not training and not any other half baked meaning of the term ‘implementation’. Of course we offer the above but that’s only part of the story.

Our project managers are experienced and qualified engineers, often degree educated chartered engineers but certainly competent and experienced in the implementation of HolisTechTM Web on your behalf.

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We offer solutions not just maintenance software systems

  • Improve service provision
  • Control engineering speed
  • Improve communications
  • Health check engineering performance
  • Simplify maintenance task management
  • Reports how you want them