HolisTech™ CMMS Software End-to-End Maintenance Management

When used together and totally integrated to other business software and systems, the HolisTech™ CMMS Software suite can provide you with End-to-End Maintenance Management!

The suite includes the HolisTech™ Application Programming Interface (API) and Bespoke Interface software, the main desktop HolisTech™ Web application and the companion HolisTech™ Smart app which together form an entire system for maintenance function operation and management.

Then, when the HolisTech™ API and/or interface is used to totally integrate with other business software such as for Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Human Resources Management (HRM) and with systems such as System Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Building Management Systems (BMS), most engineering and maintenance function work and actions can be automatically generated and notified to the team for progression and completion.

All of this can be done instantly and with absolutely no paper or delays. It’s End-to-End Maintenance Management!

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CMMS System

HolisTech™ CMMS Software Information from the ‘Machine End’

Automatically generated machine and equipment meter, sensor, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and other related data is routinely collected, compiled and sent to engineering and maintenance systems such as Data Lakes, SCADA and DCS. This can be via physical wires, via Bluetooth, via WiFi, via GPRS and/or through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Factory V4.0 technologies.

This includes information such as Fault Codes, Repair Codes, Status Codes, machine Stop and Start Times and many other other parameters. All of this data can be directly relevant to your CMMS and can be critical in enabling system users to manage engineering and maintenance resources effectively and also for them to be able to accurately report on actions and plans based on real-time data.

As you can see, it’s highly advantageous to integrate data from the ‘Machine End’ straight through to the HolisTech™ CMMS Software and we here at SMP Ltd. can help with all of this with our HolisTech™ Interface Software and API!

HolisTech™ Integration
CMMS Software Information from the ‘Machine End’

HolisTech™ CMMS Software Information in the ‘Middle’ (in the HolisTech™ Web Application)

Once useful information from your machines has been transferred into the HolisTech™ Web Application via the HolisTech™ API or interface it’s all about this being effectively used by the CMMS and your team of engineers and technicians.

Firstly, Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) jobs can be automatically raised from received meter readings; this makes sure PPM is completed exactly when it’s required. Then, sensor readings can automatically raise jobs to drive rapid responses to out of tolerance states; potential issues can be dealt with before they even arise. Further, machine and equipment status information can automatically generate reactive jobs to ensure issues can be immediately addressed; downtime and response time are both minimised.

As importantly as all that, data on the progression and completion of all of the jobs raised can be shared with all of your system users and information can be fed back to any of the linked software and systems.

In addition to this, lots of report data is automatically being added to HolisTech™ so your management team can be sure the information they need is available. Plus, don’t forget that really important data can be shared with ERP, HRM and Business Intelligence (BI) software too. In fact, the possibilities are endless and End-to-End Maintenance Management might just be the start!

HolisTech™ Web
CMMS Software Total Integration

HolisTech™ CMMS Software Information at the ‘Engineer User End’

The real power of the HolisTech™ CMMS Software End-to-End Maintenance Management system comes when your users are instantly notified of required jobs and actions via the HolisTech™ Smart app. In essence, everyone using the app can be notified about job requirements and, as soon as progress is made, more notifications can be sent out to let everyone know what’s happening.

Once they’re received, notifications can be responded to by your key engineering function team members and this can be achieved really quickly using machine barcodes and the neat features of the HolisTech™ Smart app.

Plus, don’t forget all of the information entered on the app is instantly passed from HolisTech™ Smart back to the main HolisTech™ Web application and even back through the API and/or interface software if required. This means true End-to-End Maintenance Management can be achieved!

HolisTech™ Smart
CMMS Software Engineer End

HolisTech™ CMMS Software End-to-End Total Integration

One of the key purposes of integrating CMMS with other business software and systems is to enable real-time data sharing that can help you manage maintenance and engineering activity as it is required and automatically. This is also about reducing data double-entry and enabling a paperless environment. Plus, not to mention, making sure everyone is aware of what’s happening in real-time.

Specifically for the maintenance and engineering of machines, it’s about the instantaneous electronic transfer of meter readings, CBM readings and equipment status changes from equipment and assets to the CMMS to enable PPM and reactive maintenance actions to be automatically assigned to engineers and the work to be rapidly instigated. This can include the ‘feeding back’ of information about work progression and completion to the machines, or their control systems.

Of course, HolisTech™ can be integrated to any of your business software (including financial software, Fixed Asset Register [FAR] software, HRM software, ERPs etc.) and to any engineering systems (SCADAs, DCSs, PLCs, meters, sensors, through the IIOT or otherwise) and we here at SMP Ltd. have over 20 years’ experience in interfaces and APIs. Essentially, we can offer an integration solution to exactly fit your requirements!

HolisTech™ Integration
CMMS Software Integration Examples


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