Turnkey Implementation

Populating a CMMS with its required data can take an age.  We’re here to ensure it doesn’t.

Without an all-encompassing Asset Register, an effective and realistic PPM Regime and all the right spare parts records, a CMMS simply won’t deliver the expected benefits for you and your organisation.

Getting this information together is extremely time-consuming, potentially fraught with difficulty and without it your CMMS will simply not work!

And then, even if you can actually find the data, you’ve got to get it into the CMMS database. What a potential nightmare.

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CMMS turn key Implementation

Let SMP Ltd. take away the pain, we will…….

Generate your Asset Register with a detailed structure that not only allows effective work recording but as importantly, allows multi-organisational level reporting.

Define a PPM Regime that ensures realistic and effective maintenance of your assets and also helps prove compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Populate your CMMS with all the stock records required for your PPM and to meet the failure of critical organisational equipment.

Ensure set-up, coding, human resources and access security data is all entered so that your team can effectively use the system.

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We do it the professional way!

SMP Ltd. turnkey CMMS Implementation services are provided by our in-house professional Engineering Management level resources who live and breathe these systems.

These engineering professionals follow a proven and effective methodology that ensures all required elements of CMMS data are addressed, defined, compiled and effectively loaded into your CMMS.

You’ll be involved and informed throughout the process but all of the pain and difficulty will be minimised.

Most importantly, you and your team will be left with a working and effective system – in a fraction of the time it would have taken you using your own resources!

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What is a CMMS without implementation?

It doesn’t do much for you!

"Why are we different, because we offer implemented solutions and not just systems"

Neil Grant MSc. C.Eng. MIMechE
Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.