CMMS Health Check

Check the health of your CMMS!

Are you getting what you want from your CMMS?

We can perform a ‘Health Check’ of your system to show you what’s going well and where improvements can be made.

Your CMMS gets an Overall Score and you can see a detailed breakdown of the ways in which your system is being used.

A Health Check can be completed quickly and easily but gives you powerful feedback so you can take action to drive forward the value of the system to you and your team.

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Get right into the guts of your CMMS.

Every part of the database is examined, rated and given a score. Plus you get a whole load of written details, recommendations and feedback about every aspect of the system’s performance.

For a start, a Health Check covers:

  • The essential information a system needs to operate
  • The records that show what’s being done to what, when and by whom
  • The functions of the system that should be making your life easier
  • The system functions that should be driving the success of your team

After all, knowledge is power and we’re offering you the opportunity to drive improvements across your entire operation.

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And put some numbers on it!

Added to a proper look at your system’s data, you get an expert review of its outputs – so you can see if it can tell you what you really need to know.

The recorded costs of equipment downtime are reviewed, recorded, graphed and turned into money numbers.

Using this you can justify expenditure and show the fantastic contribution made by you and your team!

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CMMS Health Check Savings