What is a CMMS without implementation?

Do you find your CMMS Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports are of limited value and not really much use in helping you make those important maintenance and engineering decisions?

That could be because your system hasn’t been implemented effectively! Put simply, a CMMS is almost useless without a meaningful implementation of the required data and you need this to be right to make your software of any value at all.

Without the Asset Register, Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM), Spare Parts and Configuration data all being set up in the software, lots of functions won’t work properly at best and even worse, those all-important KPI reports won’t show anything of value. What’s the point in that?

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What is a CMMS without implementation of Asset Register Data?

Have you got all of the equipment you maintain represented in your CMMS Asset Register? If you haven’t, your system probably won’t provide you with meaningful KPI data about those assets!

You really need anything that’s relevant to be in the system so you can record all the work activity and everything else against something meaningful. That way you can actually report on all of this! And remember, an Asset Register isn’t just a list of the equipment you’re looking after – it’s a structure of all the relevant asset relationships. So, you could consider Asset ‘Positions’ (i.e. where equipment is installed), Asset ‘Systems’ (i.e. what equipment is doing in relation to other machines) and Asset ‘Groups’ (i.e. equipment type families). Plus don’t forget that assets can be sub-divided as far as required too so as to enable full work recording flexibility – so Sub-Assets, Sub-Sub-Assets, Sub-Assemblies etc. etc. could all be considered!

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What is a CMMS without implementation of PPM data?

Does your CMMS help you effectively manage and KPI report on all of the routine and cyclical work you and your team carry out each and every week? Can you simply show all of the good work you’ve done whether it’s work for equipment maintenance, or for statutory compliance? If you can’t easily do these things, then you might be missing key PPM data from your system!

To make sure you can report on the work you’ve got planned, the work that’s in progress and the work that’s been completed (and even the work that didn’t get completed!), all of the relevant PPM regime data needs to be setup in the system. This includes all of the types of PPM (Calendar, Meter and Condition Based), all of the purposes of PPM (mainly routine maintenance and compliance to be fair) and all of the associated info about the involved resources (so; spares, contractors, team member time, downtime etc. etc.).

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What is a CMMS without implementation of Spare Parts data?

Do you know what spare parts and tools you are holding? Do you know what spares and tools you actually need to hold? Can you make sure partner spares suppliers are working effectively for you? How do you make sure spares are replenished in a cost and operationally effective way? Can you be sure critical spares and tools are available when you need them? Can you KPI report on all of this? If you can’t answer these questions easily it could be that the right data is not set up in your CMMS!

To make sure your team have the spare parts and tools they need, exactly when they need them; plus you can effectively produce KPI reports, as many of the items you use as possible need to be represented in the system from the outset. On top of that, there then needs to be an easy way for new items to be added. Plus don’t forget, it’s not enough just to list your spares and tools! The records in your CMMS need to have as much associated data as possible (so; supplier details, part numbers, descriptions, lead times, units of supply, current prices, discounts, currencies, specifications etc. etc.). And don’t forget that consistency is king when it comes to entering all of this information, especially if you work across multiple sites!

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What is a CMMS without implementation of configuration data?

Does your CMMS make sure your team members can access the right parts of the system and do what they need to do in the software? Do all of the little ‘dropdowns’ that are all over these systems contain something meaningful to pick from? Can you set up the system so that the data you want entering by your users has to be entered? Do all of the wizards and helpful little functions work for you and do something useful? Most of all, do the KPI reporting facilities of the system actually provide something useful for you? If some of these things aren’t quite right, or don’t work quite as they should, there might be some issues with the configuration data in your software.

Every system has lots and lots of configurations that need to be looked at and thought about as you can be sure they all do something and they all probably mean the difference as to what you can produce KPI reports on. Obvious things include; User Access Rights, Human Resources information, Fault Codes, Repair Codes, Symptom Codes, Status Codes, Units of Measure… the list goes on!

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