What is a CMMS without support?

Honestly? It might not be much use to you! Support for your CMMS is key to its success and this relates to IT and engineering issues which both need to be considered to make sure your team are getting the best from your system. Without support;

  • Your system will become out of date because the latest updates and improvements won’t be applied;
  • Your team won’t be able to get any general expert help regarding the system;
  • You’ll not be able to access IT help and advice about how the system works (no one can remember everything about these complex bits of software, after all!);
  • You’ll not be able to get in touch with someone who knows how your system interacts with your IT environment;
  • You’ll not be able to get experienced engineering assistance in how to set-up and implement your system in the first place;
  • You’ll not be able to access expert engineering knowledge about how to effectively use your system in your operational environment once it’s implemented.

We here at SMP Ltd. can fully support your HolisTech™ system from both an IT and an engineering point of view and so for HolisTech™ support information, please get in touch and you can have a look at our HolisTech™ CMMS Support page for more information!

HolisTech TM Support

What is a CMMS without IT support?

IT support for your CMMS is crucial so your team members can easily access help and advice about HolisTech™ from the experts and so your system is continuously improved and upgraded. IT support is in two areas:

  • There’s support for your users – HolisTech™ CMMS Software Support makes sure there’s a friendly voice on the end of the phone, or a quick response to an email concerning any questions about the system.
  • You’re always on the latest version – The HolisTech™ CMMS is constantly evolving and being improved and all supported customers automatically get access the latest version and updates as part of the service.

Have a look at our HolisTech™ Support page for more info!

HolisTech TM Support

We can also support your HolisTech™ IT environment when you use our Hosting Service. With this, system users just need a compatible browser on their PCs and your IT function has minimal involvement! Have a look at our HolisTech™ Hosting page for more info!

HolisTech TM Hosting

What is a CMMS without Engineering support?

A CMMS is basically a tool for engineers and so engineering based support can be crucial to the success of your system.

We here at SMP are different to most CMMS providers because we not only have brilliant IT skills but we’re also engineers too. In fact we like to say that our HolisTech™ system is ‘Designed By Engineers for Engineers’ and that’s absolutely true! We get in involved in implementing and continually improving systems for our customers; from compiling and setting up the various datasets the software needs to operate, through to completing effectiveness Health Checks when it’s in use. Have a look at our CMMS Implementation page for more information on how we can help you get the best from your software!

HolisTech TM Implementation

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