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We offer a full range of CMMS solutions (computerised maintenance management systems) and a very flexible approach to its implementation.
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‘Quality & Security’ is the mantra for our CMMS software and we back this up by being a Microsoft Partner coupled with being ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 27001: 2013 certified.

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CMMS Desktop, tablet & smartphone

Worried about hidden costs of an enterprise level CMMS solution on the promise of a small monthly fee?

Then don’t be, with the HolisTechTM Web CMMS and its companion app HolisTechTM Smart (iOS & Android), you get ALL the modules for one fixed cost.

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Want to see if HolisTech™ is the right choice for your organisation? We offer a free trial for both our desktop HolisTech™ Web application and our HolisTech™ Smart app.

As well as unrestricted access to HolisTech™ Web and HolisTech™ Smart, you’ll also be able to contact our helpdesk team to help you get the most out of our CMMS system.

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We don't just provide the HolisTech™ CMMS; we offer a range of Data Implementation options too!


'DIY', 'leveraged' or 'turnkey' CMMS software Data Implementation solutions


Remove all the pain and utilise our on-site Project Management services for a full turnkey solution.


Learn the ropes with our on-site Project Manager to implement an ‘assisted project’.


Choose a ‘DIY implementation’ with your own resources supported by our team of professionals.


We offer solutions not just maintenance software systems

  • Improve service provision
  • Control engineering speed
  • Improve communications
  • Health check engineering performance
  • Simplify maintenance task management
  • Reports how you want them