DIY Implementation

HolisTechTM Web makes DIY Implementation possible.

A CMMS needs an all-encompassing Asset Register, an effective and realistic PPM Regime and all the right spare parts records to be set up in the system, otherwise it simply won’t deliver the expected benefits for you and your organisation.

Although it will take significant effort and could be fraught with difficulty, implementing the data you need for your CMMS is a must.  If you choose to ‘go it alone’ we can still help with the essentials!

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CMMS diy Implementation

The system helps ensure a successful process.

SMP Ltd. and HolisTechTM Web helps you to populate your CMMS by firstly ensuring all ‘System Administrators’ are trained in how to use the system. Then, once the process is underway, the HolisTechTM Web system ensures:

That the visual and familiar nature of the Asset Register module’s ‘Tree-View’ allows users to set up a detailed structure that should allow effective work recording and multi-organisational level reporting

That the PPM Module can be effectively populated using ‘copy and paste’ and ‘multi-asset scheduling’ functions so that all relevant cyclical work can be automatically issued from the system

That the system can be populated with all stock records required for both cyclical PPM and to meet the failure of critical organisational equipment

That the set-up, coding, human resources and access security data can all be set-up to allow hassle free use of the system by the team

CMMS HolisTech Web reports and analytics

We’re there if you want us.

Our in-house professional Engineering Management level resources are on-hand if you need them. These people live and breathe these systems and can help you at any point in the process if you’re struggling.

If required, they’ll help you follow a proven and effective methodology that will ensure all required elements of CMMS data are addressed, defined, compiled and effectively loaded into your CMMS.

Together we’ll help you to develop a working and effective system that is of value to the engineering team and to the organisation as a whole.

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CMMS Desktop, tablet, smartphone

What is a CMMS without implementation?

It doesn’t do much for you!

"Why are we different, because we offer implemented solutions and not just systems"

Neil Grant MSc. C.Eng. MIMechE
Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.