What is end-to-end maintenance management?


One of the many benefits of implementing a Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) system in your business is that it will enable you to also implement end-to-end maintenance management for quicker, slicker systems and minimal downtime. This can revolutionise the efficiency of your business. Find out more about end-to-end maintenance management and its many benefits here.


End-to-end maintenance management – the basics


Simply put, end-to-end maintenance management harnesses the latest technology to automatically send data on your maintenance and engineering via your HolisTech CMMS. It generates jobs and assigns them to your technicians, ensuring everyone involved can instantly see how the work is progressing and when it’s finished. It helps you plan, schedule, execute, monitor and evaluate tasks, automating your maintenance schedule and feeding back on data and insight to inform future decisions.

This comprehensive approach to managing maintenance and engineering tasks operates through a series of processes that start with machines sending key data via the IIOT, SCADA, DCS, or BMS systems, which are then automatically processed through the API to create a job in HolisTech.


How does end-to-end maintenance management software work?


Relevant users, including the HolisTech CMMS Engineering Technician assigned to the task, are instantly notified of work via the HolisTech Smart app. The technician then scans the machine’s barcode to update the system with their attendance time and records all the activities in real-time using the app. This information includes work steps, relevant codes, downtime, work times, spare parts used, and any extra work that may be required.

The app also allows engineers to complete health and safety risk assessments, add and review attachments, and enter actual signatures to sign things off. They can even take photos and upload them, including thermographic images taken with a Flir One.

Additionally, engineers can enter meter readings straight into the app for non-connected equipment and machines. They can also book out stock items using the app, and perform quick stock takes if necessary.

All this information is communicated in real-time. Once the job is complete, the relevant information is automatically sent back through the API to other systems, ensuring that everyone has the information they need.


What are the benefits of end-to-end maintenance management?


End-to-end maintenance management can help reduce costs, increase equipment reliability, and improve operational efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for any maintenance team. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why most businesses that are reliant on machinery are implementing CMMS and end-to-end maintenance management. Here are just some of the many benefits:


It promotes and enables a proactive approach


Your system will automatically generate work orders based on machine data, reducing the risk of equipment failure and unplanned downtime. This reduces the number of man hours that are spent planning your maintenance schedule, and means that problems can be quickly and easily identified and solved with minimal hassle.


It streamlines the work order process


End-to-end maintenance eliminates the need for paperwork, and ensures all data is entered accurately in real time. This, in turn, leads to slicker processes, better communication and collaboration between team members, allowing for faster and more efficient maintenance work.


It generates comprehensive data analytics and insight


By using end-to-end maintenance management, you can use the data it produces to identify trends, track performance, and make data-driven decisions. This sort of business intelligence can transform a business, because you’re basing business-critical decisions on solid data, rather than a hunch or anecdotal evidence.


It ensures efficiency and joined-up thinking


For instance, a machine meter reading might be sent to the engineer via the HolisTech API to initiate a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) job. Similarly, a condition-based maintenance (CBM) task based on an out-of-tolerance machine condition might be sent to the engineer so they can investigate and resolve it.


It removes the risk of human error


We all have days where we forget to write things down, miss a deadline or take unexpected time off sick. When you automate your maintenance management, you can rest easy knowing that you’re far less likely to let human error get in the way of an efficiently run business.


It delivers considerable cost savings


When your maintenance schedule runs quickly and efficiently, you are minimising the risk of unexpected downtime which can incur massive bills and cause a lot of stress. In terms of return on investment, using end-to-end management in the right way can dramatically reduce costs to the business.


Instant notifications when things aren’t right


Intermittent machine stoppages and slow running can also be notified to the engineer, allowing them to quickly check and fix the issue. In the case of equipment failure, the engineer will receive an instant notification so that they can respond and repair it quickly. Additionally, planned work order tasks can be raised from the technical team’s system and automatically assigned to the engineer.


It improves team communication and helps with staffing


In all cases of machine maintenance and breakdown, everyone who needs to know is instantly notified, so there is no confusion about who is doing what. The HolisTech CMMS engineer’s performance data is also instantly available, allowing everyone to see the good work being done and how busy the team is.

Overall, end-to-end maintenance offers considerable advantages for HolisTech CMMS engineers who use HolisTech’s API, desktop application, and smart app. If you’d like to find out more about how end-to-end maintenance management can streamline your processes, boost efficiency and reduce downtime and costs, get in touch with us today and book your free CMMS trial.

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