On a day-to-day basis, all maintenance managers must have experienced situations in which they lost track of a work order or could not find the history of a procedure that they desperately needed at that time.


A CMMS, or a Computerised Maintenance Management System, is the solution that eliminates these problems and keeps the information about the assets and maintenance operations in one single system. This maintenance management platform is usually responsible for simplifying and optimising all maintenance processes, allowing all operations to be planned and monitored as well as keeping records of the work performed in a detailed history.


The maintenance management solution eliminates the use of paper-based processes that often slow down the business and harm the productivity of teams. The software gathers all the information about the assets in the system.


When implementing a CMMS, it gives the ability of managing all of your equipment, programming and monitoring the maintenance, as well as tracking all work orders on a single digital platform or app, such as HolisTech in a simple and effective way. All this produces positive effects on your organisations progress.


A CMMS is the key to the success of the maintenance department for many outfits.


Software users can add an incident to a device, describe it, and assign the work order to a technician from a computer or app. When the equipment is repaired, the technician in charge marks the work order as completed and is reported to the team that the task has been performed, through a notification on the platform such as our own CMMS product HolisTech.


On the other hand, there are teams that must manage the servicing of very old equipment and, of course, these machines have a long operation log that must be kept in the system to help technicians understand how the problem was solved before. The CMMS keeps track of all maintenance operations in the equipment history, so that, in the future, employees can check it again.


To help your department to balance the workload of the maintenance teams, it is important to have the tasks properly planned and organised. For this, the maintenance department must use a calendar where they can program all the maintenance operations. The CMMS usually features a calendar where work orders can be recorded and the ability to send alerts to those working on them.


Every day there are many queries on which a manager needs to plan. To make the best decisions, it is important that managers seek to gather as much information and data as possible to reduce the risk in their choices and achieve the best results for the company. The maintenance management solution has tools that facilitate this process and provide detailed management dashboards on the entire maintenance cycle of the company.


With this type of system, it can rapidly capture data from the maintenance software and summarise in a single document all the data required for decision making, reducing the error rate and risk associated with the implemented actions.

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