A CMMS, Computerised Maintenance Management System, is a computer software tool for maintenance functions. It is used by management teams to track engineering and maintenance activities and costs and to plan and control the repair, replacement and remodelling of their equipment and properties. Vitally, the visualisation of equipment condition in the form of graphs, dials or maps allows users to make informed decisions about resource allocation. CMMS software also supports predictive and seamless preventive maintenance. For example, it can be connected to alarms on machinery so that when an alarm sounds CMMS will automatically send notifications to your team about the problem encountered.


Thousands of businesses rely on a solid CMMS to manage their maintenance functions. This software bridges the gap between the different software programs used to manage a diverse group of employees, contractors and machines. Through a single portal, a CMMS can integrate functions from multiple practice areas, including production scheduling, asset management, data management and more.


What to check for:


Before, during and after deployment of your new CMMS, it is important to consider not just functional needs, but support factors as well. In our continued commitment to providing the best CMMS software in the marketplace, HolisTech has many unique advantages for the maintenance team. These include; real engineering tools such as “5 Why”, H&S Risk Assessment, Calibration management, Asset Criticality assessment and customisable reporting all in a really easy to use package that can be completely paperless and run in real-time with our HolisTech Smart app.


Our HolisTech CMMS is the best way to keep track of your maintenance activities if you are looking for ways to get a complete and total picture. In every industry, across all departments, our unique graphical user interface makes work easy no matter what your level of computer literacy.


For many businesses, choosing a software system is as important as choosing the right premises or equipment to run their operations. Before you commit to any CMMS solution, it’s important to consider exactly where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Are your workloads increasing? Are your systems adequate for the task ahead? And do your vendors understand your business and its needs for the future? At the end of the day, choosing the right CMMS can make all the difference between an adequate solution and a failsafe one.


It’s not just about choosing the right software package. You also need to make sure that it’s implemented and maintained in the best way for your business. As one of the leading CMMS suppliers, we have a team of highly skilled engineers, with many years’ experience of implementing CMMS packages in a variety of industries, so you will be in good hands! This means that we’ll be able to guide you through every stage of implementing your chosen software; from choosing which package will be best suited to your needs, through to deployment and ongoing support.

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