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Implementation Overview


Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.'s suite of implementation services for both HolisTech™ Web and HolisTech™ Horizon, ensures that you will optimise not just the performance of the CMMS but also your operations. Read more.

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Asset Register Compilation

The ‘Asset Register’ is a pre-requisite for a successful maintenance management system as it provides the base data for such a system.  Without a structured and effective Asset Register the foundations of both a PPM and a Stores Inventory Management system would be flawed.

Completion of this work allows successful operation of the Asset Register and additional modules to include the Work Order, Help Desk, Condition Based Maintenance, Shift Log Control, Analytics and Equipment Failure modules of HolisTech™ and provides a solid groundwork for subsequent Planned Preventive Maintenance implementation.  The methodology utilised by SMP Ltd. to provide customers with a structured and effective Asset Register is illustrated in the ‘Asset Register Definition’ Process Realisation diagram below:

Asset Register Process


The ‘Planning Phase’ is where basic Asset Register requirements are defined and a basis for the detailed Asset Register definition is developed.  Elements of the phase include the following work steps:

High Level Spatial and Systemic Asset Register Definitions

Existing Asset Data Assembly - Customer Engineering and Maintenance Functions usually retain considerable quantities of data concerning the Assets within their spheres of responsibility and it is important that any appropriate data is identified and retained for inclusion into a new CMMS.  This phase of work is for the SMP Ltd. assembly of any existing data identified by the customer ready for incorporation in later work stages.


The ‘Definition Phase’ is where the detail of the Asset Register is developed prior to being uploaded into the CMMS as a complete structure.  Elements of the phase include the following work steps:

Asset Maps - This element of work is for the SMP Ltd. generation of Asset Map
Diagrams to cover each Asset included as part of the scope of work.  The work is designed to ensure that all items of equipment (i.e. Assets) are recorded and that none are missed.  Asset Maps are diagrams of Asset relationships which have a number of functions:

  • Ensuring an understanding of the Asset Relationships concerned
  • Ensuring that no Assets are missed from the Asset Register to be formed
  • Providing graphical material for future reference
  • Providing basic Asset detail recording media for subsequent Asset Listing

The maps are simply representations of a particular set of Asset relationships and as such do not deal with system throughputs and capacities (where appropriate).  Maps are generated within a MS Excel® format such that they can be electronically transferred and read by most business orientated desktop Personal Computers (PCs).

Customer Review and Sign Off - This phase is the review and sign off of the generated Asset Maps and has the following objectives:

  • Providing a means for customers to be involved in the process and to be satisfied that all available information is being incorporated
  • Providing a ‘sign-off’ stage for customer acceptance of the Assets to be included in subsequent work stages
  • Providing a means for SMP Ltd. to satisfy the requirements of the company ISO9001:2008 certification

Asset Listings - Once Asset Maps have been completed and customer sign-off has occurred, details of the Assets recorded will be transferred by SMP Ltd. to an ‘Asset Register Spreadsheet’ as an ‘Asset Listing’.  The details transferred to the Spreadsheet initially provide a basic tabulated list of Assets, with ‘Associated Data’, and this is the starting point for the improvement of the Asset Register. 

Asset Register Relationships - The next stage of work is the definition of the ‘Asset Register Relationships’.  A well structured Asset Register provides interrelated coding relationships and these enable Assets to be sourced and identified easily via filtering within the CMMS and provide full reporting flexibility within the system.   

Asset Criticality Assessment - Criticality Assessment is the analysing of each Asset in terms of its potential to fail (i.e. fail to perform a designated function), the warning that is likely of failure and the effect such a failure may have on operational activity.  As part of the assessment each Main and Sub-Asset will be evaluated by SMP Ltd. and a ‘Criticality Assessment’ rating for each Asset and Sub-Asset will be recorded within the ‘Asset Register Spreadsheet’.


The ‘Completion Phase’ is where the Asset Register that has now been developed in Spreadsheet form is uploaded into the CMMS as a complete structure.  Elements of the phase include the following work steps:

Customer Review and Sign Off

Upload RFH to HolisTech™ - Once all Asset Register data has been collated within the spreadsheet and customer sign-off has occurred, it will be transferred by SMP Ltd. into the HolisTech™ CMMS.  This is a critical stage of the process as the accuracy and structure of the data will be pivotal in the eventual success and acceptance of the solution.

Completion Report - This work is for the SMP Ltd. completion of written project documentation.  This provides a completion of the Asset Register Definition project and provides a fully detailed ‘hard copy’ of all generated project data and also provides information on followed methodologies.

We follow a structured & proven methodology to ensure that any relevant staff are fully and properly trained to be confident and competent running the CMMS when we leave the site.

Overall Strategic Maintenance Planning can help YOUR organisation compile a structured asset register, and improve the effectiveness of your Maintenance strategy.

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