SMP Ltd. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy Statement


SMP Ltd. takes the threat posed by the coronavirus outbreak seriously and so our approach to this situation is based on guidance from the following sources:



Our approach:


We will take all reasonable steps to ensure we continue to meet our customer obligations and operate our core activities as close to normally as possible while carefully monitoring what is an ongoing situation. Specifically, we will take the following steps in relation to the activities we undertake:


–            In relation to supporting our customers remotely:


SMP Ltd. remote support activities are taking account of UK Government formal guidelines and this means that almost all of our staff are continuing to work from home. These team members all have full connectivity in order to continue to provide our services as near to normally as possible.


–            In relation to SMP Ltd. staff visit third party locations (including in relation to supporting our customers onsite):


SMP Ltd. recognises that supporting our customers on-site is a key element of the service it provides and so, based on current UK Government guidance, is providing such visits as required and on a case-by-case basis. At the very least, the following steps will be taken:


*    If any support activity can successfully be completed away from site, progressing such activities in this manner will be the preferred method

*    Where a site visit is necessary, a risk assessment will be undertaken prior to each new site visit, or will be reviewed each day where visits to a specific site are on consecutive days

*    Where relevant, SMP Ltd.’s Method Statement for working on-site will include specific measures in relation to COVID-19

*    SMP Ltd. staff will follow all appropriate general guidance in relation to ‘social distancing’ and the ensuring of personal hygiene both while at a site and in relation to travelling to and from sites

*    All SMP Ltd. staff will, of course, follow all appropriate customer instructions and guidance whilst on site (including in relation to PPE)


Ensuring the safety of our customers and our staff remains our highest priority and so no visits will be undertaken to sites where COVID-19 cases are currently reported as evident or where our staff members are displaying any symptoms. In addition, international visits are currently deemed inappropriate and so only UK site visits will be undertaken at present.


–            In relation to our provision of formal training at our SMP Ltd. Training Centre:


Due to UK Government formal guidelines relating to the number of people from differing households who can gather in an indoor setting, SMP Ltd. provided ‘in-person’ training sessions remain impractical. Therefore, our formal System Administrator Training courses are now available on an online basis which will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at, or by calling +44 (0) 1793 823013 for further information


We will continually review the UK relevant Government guidance and will only reinstate formal training at our Training Centre when such guidance indicates it is appropriate to do so.


–            In relation to our internal operations:


Unless a change to UK government guidelines means that this isn’t practical, our main offices will remain open with a minimum staffing level. In any event, these staff members will take account of all ‘specific preventive measures’ and precautions detailed on the website sources detailed above whilst attending work in this way.


In the event that the UK Government indicates that measures are required such that our offices are forced to close, all remaining members of our team can work remotely and continue our operations as normally as possible.


Regardless, we expect our staff to continue to fulfil their roles and their obligations to our customers as normally as possible but this will be tempered by the fact that we will be enforcing a ‘self-isolation’ policy for any appropriate individual if the need arises.


Any further changes to any of these measures will be informed by advice from the detailed sources and communicated both to staff and customers accordingly and as appropriate.