Health check on CMMS software for a multinational food producer

A multinational food producer with a major UK presence had a meat processing business, which – through organic growth and acquisition – comprised 17 sites across the country, including three abattoirs.

Some of the sites had our HolisTechTM Horizon software in operation for their computerised maintenance management system – CMMS – but other sites had different software, or had no system in place at all.

The company wanted a multisite system which would interface with its other business software and which would provide consistency, and so installed and fully implemented a HolisTechTM CMMS system throughout its UK plants.

However, having installed and implemented the CMMS, and having operated it for several years, the company then wanted a health check carried out to ascertain if it was being used effectively and consistently throughout the business.

What we did

The SMP team were called in to carry out a thorough health check on the group-wide CMMS system. We visited all the sites, with a day or two at each, interviewing system users and running comprehensive reports to see how and in what way the data was being used, whether staff were keeping the system up-to-date and what value the system was providing.

Our investigation uncovered a number of important areas which needed improvement. For example, equipment failures weren’t always being recorded effectively, recording of the cost of maintenance was patchy and engineering stock control wasn’t always being managed effectively.

The outcome

Following our health check, the company, with SMP support, has now defined a set of reporting requirements to help ensure a consistent approach and is now in a strong position to understand how well the CMMS is being used, what the data is doing for it, and what improvements can be made.

In addition, the health check found that the use of an ‘on-the-go’, tablet and smart phone based version of the CMMS would be useful to help ensure timely and effective recording of asset maintenance related work and so the group is now actively rolling out the companion HolisTechTM Smart app across its sites.