SMP Ltd. announces the provision of an On-Site Administration Service for its universally acclaimed CMMS system.

System Administration Assistants are essentially embedded at a customer’s site for an agreed number of hours and days per week in order to administer the HolisTechTM Horizon CMMS post implementation.

This service represents a potential source of increased operational efficiency, enhanced productivity and reduced costs.

Typically SMP Ltd.’s System Administrator would be responsible on behalf of the customer for the administration of the CMMS system to include:

  • User Account Management
  • Data Amendments
  • Data Entry
  • Reporting

This role ensures the following modular elements of the CMMS are kept up to date and accurate allowing for peace of mind and hassle free reporting.  Typically this would include the following scope of supply:

  • Additions and deletions of data within the Asset Control, HRM and Maintenance Control modules as directed by the customer
  • Entry of completed Work Orders, Equipment Failures and Planned Maintenance tasks
  • Generate relevant functional reports and issue
  • Generate and print weekly Planned Maintenance tasks for the coming week

SMP Ltd can provide a part/full time System Administrator for HolisTechTM Horizon to assist with the scope of supply bulleted above thus ensuring that the system and reporting are maintained to a required standard.  The System Administrator would be employed by SMP Ltd. under contract to the customer typically for a minimum period of one year and work principally on the customer’s premises as an integrated service.  This role would be customised to suit the operation size and resource abilities of the customer but typically SMP Ltd. offer these System Administration services as 1 day per week for 52 weeks of the year.