Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.’s. HolisTech™ Web CMMS now has included as standard functionality ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ (MTBF) and ‘Mean Time to Repair’ (MTTR) reporting within its Analytic module.  The formula for these analytics are as follows:

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) = (Actual Runtime – Total Time of Equipment Failure) / Number of Equipment Failures

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) = Total Time of Equipment Failure / Number of Equipment Failures

Above is a screen shot of the MTBF and MTTR analytic for the date range 17/09/13 – 17/19/14. The bar charts have drill down functionality and summarise the MTBF and MTTR as a total and for each period within the date range. In this example, for the equipment included within the analytic (as per the defined filter), the following results are shown:

MTBF = 6.67hrs.

MTTR = 2.82hrs.

For more information on the HolisTech™ Web CMMS MTBF and MTTR analytics, or our services for planned maintenance and inventory management implementation please do not hesitate to contact us.