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We take care of everything, just open your web browser, login and away you go!

‘Fast, Secure & Reliable’, we take pride in our hosted service and guarantee uptime.

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CMMS Hosting Datacentre

What is Hosting?

HolisTechTM Web CMMS computerised maintenance management system, has been written specifically to run over the internet.

When we host on your behalf all you need to do is open your web browser, login and you’re up and running with HolisTechTM Web.

You don’t need to install, patch, backup or manage any hardware we do it all for you, just sit back, relax and enjoy running the software.

CMMS HolisTech Web reports and analytics

More choice more flexibilty

We also offer a choice of hosting environments, tailor made to fit with each and every customer’s requirement.

Only pay for what you need but with the freedom to expand in harmony with the pace of your computerised maintenance management system implementation.

Choose between the following solutions…

  • Shared

    (<=5 Concurrent Users)

  • Dedicated

    (< 20 Concurrent Users)

  • Enterprise

    (> 20 Concurrent Users)

CMMS HolisTech Web reports and analytics