Members Area for Information, News and Automatic Updates

We are pleased to announce the successful launch of the new Members’ Area on the Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd website (

This password protected area holds specific content for each Member on top of the generic information contained on the main site.  Members can log into their own unique area as well as a HolisTechTM Horizon update area.

Over 50 new members have registered in the first week and we want to invite you to join the new Members Area.

Members are able to log into their own unique area which contains:

  • A Personal “Your Downloads” Area for files and HolisTechTM Horizon updates and Release notes
  • A Personal “Your Information” Page
  • A General Information Page with content for all Members

This gives you access to:

  • automatic updates and downloads for HolisTechTM Horizon
  • email notification when your updates are available to download

We are sure this new area of the site is another great benefit of being part of the HolisTechTM community, providing useful information and the ability to receive the latest news on software update releases available by download.

Please register here on our website or contact us for more details.