With our program of continuous and innovative improvement to the HolisTechTM Horizon CMMS we are delighted to announce yet another addition to the Analytics module.

The existing Overview, Breakdown, Work Order and Planned Maintenance analytics has now been enhanced further with a Human Resource Management (HRM) section.

The HRM analytics offers the same graphical representation of data with ‘drill down’ capability to show work outstanding and completed by each resource plus further information to highlight resource assignment, percentage and amount of work undertaken by each resource.

Using this highly intuitive and graphical representation of resource data, work can quickly and easily be assigned or reassigned to those resources most able to complete the task.

Currently we’re working on even more additions to this much acclaimed module to include analytics for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Stock, Procurement and Finance.

For further information on HolisTechTM Horizon’s analytics module click here.