SMP launch HolisTechTM Horizon providing a unique Risk Assessment Module. Companies are now able to assess the risk associated with any work activity in line with the ‘code of practice’ for ‘The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999’, as part of your CMMS functionality for the first time.

This major new functionality has been released to our customers as a result of three successful implementations for The Royal Mail, The United States Department of Defence and the energy producer UK Tullow Gas.

Reviewed by the HSE prior to implementation, many other companies are now reaping the benefits provided by the Risk Assessment module. Major Benefits include: – For the first time in computerised maintenance management HolisTechTM Horizon offers the user the ability to risk assess any maintenance activity and automatically append appropriate pre-commencement checks to control severe risks.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment module will ensure that the appropriate categories of risk and persons at risk have been identified and assessed.

Identified Risks are graphically represented with the option to append the results, pre-commencement checks and additional control measures to any maintenance activity.

Risk Assessment Graph

Full audit trail for Risk Assessment and user configuration, make the module the leading development in CMMS health and safety functionality.

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