Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd. and ExxonMobil continue their partnership to roll-out HolisTechTM Horizon with projects nearing completion for the following airports;

  • Cairo
  • Barbados
  • Bermuda
  • Aeroparque – Jorge Newbery (Buenos Aires)
  • Cordoba (Argentina)
  • Ezeiza International Airport (near Buenos Aires)
  • Lima – Jorge Chavez International Airport (Callao – near Lima)

On conclusion of the implementaiton for the airports bulleted above, SMP Ltd. will be hosting HolisTechTM Horizon via its SaaS deployment model for 77 off airports in total around the world.

As part of the project to fully implement a planned maintenance regime for each site, SMP Ltd. has developed secure and controlled global master instructions for maintenance which guarantees ExxonMobil’s standards for maintenance and safety are implemented.  The standards have been further enhanced by adding localised amendments to the global master instructions, which are then controlled and managed securely within the software.  HolisTechTM Horizon utilises the following functionality to standardise global maintenance across each site;

  • Security configuration
  • Electronic version control
  • Globalisation
  • Synchronisation
  • Task instruction locking &
  • PPM Categorisation

For further information on this or any other project currently underway please do not hesitate to contact us.