HolisTechTM Web CMMS

HolisTechTM Web is the most cost effective, user-friendly and innovative browser based CMMS, computerised maintenance management system on the market.

Log in from anywhere in the world via your preferred browser. Choose to host on premise or within one of our secure datacentres.

Customise your CMMS to look and feel how you want it. Write custom reports, share in our on-line reporting community, translate into any language or simply change layouts and titles.

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CMMS HolisTech Web Desktop

HolisTechTM Smart CMMS App

Developed as an end-user companion app for HolisTechTM Web, the HolisTechTM Smart CMMS, computerised maintenance management systems app offers you complete paperless mobility, anytime, anywhere.

Deployed on smartphones, tablets & PDAs running iOS or Android, you now have unprecedented accessibility.

Use the camera to read barcodes (1D,2D or QR) for work creation, stock management and history interrogation.

HolisTechTM Smart doesn’t always need an internet connection; it runs just as well off-line with automatic syncing built-in.

Trial for free and download the HolisTechTM Smart CMMS app for iOS or Android devices below.

CMMS HolisTech Smart Desktop


Barcode your assets and stock and use the camera on your Smartphone or Tablet to scan them via the HolisTechTM Smart CMMS app.

Use the camera to read 1D, 2D or QR barcodes then it’s never been easier to create and sign-off work, manage stock or look up an asset’s history.

CMMS Barcode 1D QR

Reporting & Analytics

Difficulty finding the information for your meeting when you need it? Not any more, with HolisTechTM Web CMMS maintenance management software there’s a plethora of reporting options.

Use the report writer to create exactly the report you want, save as a template and apply security to keep your sensitive data safe and sound.

Choose one of our standard reports, there are dozens after all.

Pick a report from the analytics module and drill down to the information behind the graphic. Use the tile KPIs as integrated on the desktop. Share reporting templates on-line in our unique reporting community.

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CMMS HolisTech Web reports and analytics


Whether you need to interface to financial software, ERP, SCADA, PLCs, meters or sensors we have it covered.

With circa 20 years’ experience in all of the above we can offer an interface solution to fit exactly your requirement.

CMMS HolisTech Web Interface


Free trial of HolisTechTM Web and its companion app HolisTechTM Smart, with full unrestricted access to our telephone helpdesk during your trial period.

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