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HolisTech™ Horizon (unlike HolisTech™ Web which is a full blown web application) is a Windows based or client server Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) application which offers a computerised solution to control asset, maintenance and inventory management activities. Read more.

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CMMS HolisTech™ Horizon - Maintenance Software

CMMS with simple, affordable procurement we guarantee a fixed price and no hidden costs.

Our fully featured suite of maintenance software includes the:

  1. HolisTech™ Horizon CMMS
  2. HolisTech™ Web CMMS (Full Blown Web Application)
  3. HolisTech™ Smart CMMS (Smartphone & Tablet Application)
  4. HolisTech™ Mobile CMMS (PDA Application)

giving you the choice of 'Client Server', 'Web Browser', 'PDA' or Smartphone & Tablet based applications.  All of our CMMS applications are offered on a proprietary license basis which means you own the software and can rest assured there are no hidden extras.  Furthermore, when purchasing HolisTech™ Horizon or HolisTech™ Web it’s as simple as ‘ABC’ because ALL the modules are included in one fixed price, all you need to decide is:

A. How many sites wish to run the software?
B. How many concurrent users you require?
C. What training you require for the various users?

HolisTech™ Horizon is intended to be installed on the customer's own infrastructure.  A simplified view of the interactions of each module is illustrated in the diagram below.  This view is intended to show the purpose of each module and how each module interacts with the relevant functionality within the software.

CMMS HolisTech Horizon Modular Overview
HolisTech™ Horizon CMMS - Moduluar Overview

Utilising a MS VB.Net front-end application and a MS SQL® 2005/8/12 database the HolisTech™ Horizon maintenance software takes full advantage of the latest Microsoft development tools to produce maintenance software with unrivalled and modern functionality.  The Core Modules for the HolisTech™ Horizon CMMS include those illustrated in the table below.

Asset Register Icon
Asset Register
Tee Card Icon
Tee Card
Analytics Icon
Reports Icon
PPM Icon
Calendar PPM
PPM Meter Icon
Meter PPM
HRM Icon
Work Orders Icon
Work Orders
 Equipment Failure Icon
Equipment Failure
Help Desk Icon
Help Desk
Shift Log Icon
Shift Log

Health & Safety

Stock Inventory
Requisitions Icon
Purchase Order Icon
Purchase Order
CBM Icon
System Info Icon
System Information
Desk Top Icon

HolisTech™ Web CMMS is a full blown web application (Click here for a Free Trial) which can be fully hosted by SMP Ltd. or within a customer's chosen environment.  HolisTech™ Web is is also offered on a proprietary license basis and is the most cost effective, user-friendly and innovative browser based CMMS on the market.

HolisTech™ Mobile CMMS utilises the highly acclaimed Casio IT-800 or IT-300 series PDA's. HolisTech™ Mobile offers the core functionality of HolisTech™ Web or HolisTech Horizon "on the go" without ever having to sit in front of a PC.

HolisTech™ Smart CMMS our brand new Smartphone & Tablet CMMS application progresses well, with our project plan showing a release date early 2015.  HolisTech™ Smart is a cross platform application capable of running on any device such as a tablet or smart phone running IOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Our suite of CMMS offers a computerised solution to control assets, maintenance and inventory management activities. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is always user-friendly regardless of the maintenance software version you choose, which means that even non-computer literate users will quickly become proficient. 

The backing of Strategic Maintenance Planning's experience and expertise in Planned Maintenance, and Inventory Management Implementation coupled with first class software support, reassures our customers that we offer solutions and not just maintenance software systems. 

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