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Implementation Overview


Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.'s suite of implementation services for both HolisTech™ Web and HolisTech™ Horizon, ensures that you will optimise not just the performance of the CMMS but also your operations. Read more.

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Case Study Planned Maintenance Implementation

It has, for some years been realised that prevention is better than cure and that proactive, rather than reactive, management brings far and away the best results for businesses. This is true for managing human resources, change policies and, just as importantly, for managing the machinery that all manufacturers use to produce their products.

All machines require regular and effective planned maintenance to operate correctly and meet their design specifications. The consequences of ineffective planned maintenance can be huge in terms of factory profitability, personnel moral and management time.

Such consequences are often overlooked or mis-calculated because machine breakdowns (almost always caused directly or indirectly by ineffective maintenance) are not just a cause of lost time and potentially missed deadlines but have a direct effect on factory throughput, efficiency and thus profitability. Therefore, the importance of effective planned maintenance to reduce the occurrence of such incidents cannot be understated.

Case Study - Newspaper Printing Industry - Leicester

Situation Prior to planned maintenance Implementation:

  • Older, existing CMMS package unused, disregarded and generally discredited
  • Resulting in reactive breakdown response environment
  • Little or no planned maintenance
  • No engineering resources control
  • No control of contractor work or costs
  • No history of work and costs on assets
  • No definition of critical assets to focus effort and assist in quality system operation
  • No tie in with stores system

Action Taken

  • Phased planned maintenance implementation carried out to meet budgetary constraints
  • Introduction of concepts to key and associated personnel
  • Administration roles identified and rigorous training carried out for individuals concerned
  • 'Scoping Phase' work carried out to identify assets and all associated information
  • Successful 'Planned Maintenance Implementation Phase' to write and schedule detailed planned maintenance tasks completed
  • Planned Maintenance Implementation Phase expanded to remaining operations and services
  • Support contracts arranged to instigate and monitor Continuous Improvement initiatives


  • Improvements shown for all Key Indicators
  • Downtime reduced by 400%  
Results of Planned Maintenance Implementation Resource result of Planned Maintenance Implementation
  • Additional engineering resource requirement identified
  • Current resource focused on critical assets
  • Resource utilised to best company advantage
  • All required proactive maintenance (including contractor support) now planned around 'Windows of Maintenance Opportunity'
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