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Environmental Policy

Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd. (SMP Ltd.) is a forward thinking organisation that prides itself on its ability to provide customers with solutions to engineering problems that fit with the specific issues encountered by those customers.

In line with this forward thinking ethos, SMP Ltd. recognises that it is in the interests of all organisations to do as much as is possible and practicable to conserve, protect and improve the environment in which we live and work.

The company is therefore committed to a policy of taking all possible, or practicable actions which will help protect the environment during the provision of services and products to customers and in the day to day operations of the organisation.

This policy includes the following core commitments:

  • This policy will be openly available to all employees and the public
  • All organisational activities will be conducted to meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Environmental considerations will be incorporated into all areas of the business, both for existing operations and for planned future endeavours
  • Conservation of energy, water, and natural resources will be encouraged
  • Employee environmental awareness will be promoted with appropriate training
  • The policy will be implemented effectively by applying appropriate organisational procedures to cover key identified business activities that will, or could, impact on the environment
  • The organisational procedures required to ensure effectiveness will be monitored regularly and constantly further developed
  • Important SMP Ltd. suppliers and contractors will be encouraged to abide these commitments Appropriate resources will be committed to supporting these principles
  • The development and implementation of this policy is a commitment of SMP Ltd's. directors and is a shared responsibility with all of our employees

SMP Ltd. Environmental Policy Organisational Procedures

The Environmental Policy of SMP Ltd. will be implemented through the operation of set procedures and policies by all applicable employees. These procedures cover the following:

  • Personnel transportation
  • Transportation of materials
  • Use of materials
  • Generation and disposal of operational waste
  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise minimisation
  • Continuous improvement

Procedures and policies for each of these are detailed below:

Personnel Transport

Most SMP Ltd. customer bases are not local to the company offices and many of the company's employees also live considerable distances from the offices. For this reason, the use of personnel transportation methods is inevitable in the operation of the company. To reduce the environmental impact of these transportation methods the following steps will be taken:

Transportation Methods

In general the following procedures and policies will be followed for assessing transportation methods:

  • The necessity of each journey will be assessed and only journeys that are deemed to be of positive value to SMP Ltd. will be undertaken
  • Wherever possible other forms of communication will be used (such as telephone, email, web-camera, post, fax) instead of physical contact that requires a need for travelling
  • The decision as to the particular transportation method to use will always involve assessment of the environmental impact of that method and wherever possible the least damaging option will be taken

Company Cars

Unfortunately for most company related journeys, it is inevitable that cars will be used. This is due to timescales and practicalities when attending customer and SMP Ltd. sites. To ameliorate the negative environmental impact of this car usage as far as possible, cars owned, hired or used directly by company employees to execute company operations shall be:

  • No more than three years old to ensure that all emissions comply with latest regulations
  • Regularly serviced and checked to ensure they are in perfect working order and have no problems that could cause environmental damage
  • Assessed to ensure that they offer the best mix of fitness for purpose and lowest environmental impact
  • Used for journeys by more than one person at the same time, where these personnel are travelling to the same or similar destinations and where the safety of the persons and company prospects are not compromised

Transport of Materials

SMP Ltd. is seldom directly involved in the transportation of materials, but when such instances occur, the method of transportation chosen will be assessed for environmental impact, with the least damaging method chosen so long as company interests are not compromised.

Use of Materials

To ensure that SMP Ltd's. use of materials has the minimum negative environmental impact, the following measures will be taken:

  • Suitable technologies and materials will be used to provide customers with products and services
  • These will be assessed for environmental damage prior to use and the least damaging will be used (unless demanded by the customer, in which case SMP Ltd. will attempt to persuade an alternative course of action unless business damage would ensue)
  • Environmental standards will be included in all contracts and service level agreements, and contractors working on behalf of SMP Ltd. will be required to apply environmental standards at least equivalent to ours
  • A purchasing policy will be followed that ensures that all purchases are of materials that will minimise environmental negative impact (so long as these fulfil the purpose of the purchase and are not at excessive cost)

Generation and Disposal of Operational Waste

During normal SMP Ltd. operations and in the provision of products and services to customers, there may be certain waste elements generated. These would include:

  • Waste paper
  • Used ink cartridges
  • Office waste and garbage

In general it is the policy of SMP Ltd. to minimise the creation of waste, and to recycle materials where this is cost effective and to the environmental benefit, however specific procedures are as follows:

Waste Generation

Procedures to ensure the minimisation of generation of each of the defined waste elements are as follows:

  • Where practicable use of renewable natural resources will be used
  • Non-renewable resources will be conserved as much as possible
  • Recycled materials will be utilised wherever practicable and cost effective
  • Use of paper will be minimised through the use of as much electronic storage as is practicable
  • The production of Hard Copy documents will be minimised. This will reduce both paper and ink cartridge usage

Waste Disposal

Procedures to ensure the best method of disposal of each of the defined waste elements are as follows:

  • Where possible (i.e. where SMP Ltd. can monitor this and ensure compliance) it will be ensured that transportation and disposal of waste will comply with current safe practice
  • Where possible use, and therefore disposal, of substances which will cause demonstrable damage to the environment or its inhabitants will be eliminated from all company activities
  • Where practicable and possible the elements of waste produced by SMP Ltd. activities will be recycled
  • In any case all waste disposal will comply with current laws and regulations

Energy Efficiency

SMP Ltd. will seek to minimise waste of energy, and will ensure that, where energy is used, the greatest possible proportion becomes useful heat, light or power. This will be accomplished by the adherence to the following procedures:

  • Where practicable environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources will be used
  • Energy efficiency will be invested in, demonstrated, and promoted throughout the company organisation
  • Unnecessary usage of vehicle fuel will be minimised (see above) where possible and practicable
  • Unnecessary usage of natural gas for heating of SMP Ltd. buildings will be minimised where possible and practicable. Heating equipment will only be used when ambient temperatures demand it
  • All new heating equipment will be assessed for negative environmental impact prior to procurement and installation and the least damaging alternative (practicability and cost allowing) will be chosen
  • Unnecessary use of electricity will be minimised where possible and practicable. Only electrical equipment that is being used for company operations, or to deliver products and services to customers will be left switched on
  • All new electrical equipment will be assessed for negative environmental impact prior to procurement and installation and the least damaging alternative (practicability and cost allowing) will be chosen
  • All energy usage will conform to any appropriate regulatory or legal requirement

Noise Minimisation

The operations and method of delivery of products and services to customers of SMP Ltd. are such that noise generation is currently of a very low level. However, SMP Ltd. will ensure that this remains the case for all business activity.

Continuous Improvement

There are several aspects to continuously improving the ways in which SMP Ltd. can continue to reduce negative environmental impact. These are as follows:

Monitoring, Targets and Review

SMP Ltd. will set environmental targets, performance against which will be monitored. The targets will be regularly reviewed with the management team being involved in any required changes to meet or exceed targets. The following specific procedures and policies will be followed:

  • Annual company car mileages will be recorded and reviewed
  • Annual heating fuel bills will be recorded and reviewed
  • Annual electrical utility bills will be recorded and reviewed
  • Annual paper usage will be recorded and reviewed
  • Annual usage of ink cartridges (including those for photocopying and facsimile machines) will be recorded and reviewed
  • Each of these should be controlled and in line with company activity (i.e. a specific proportion of turnover)

Staff Awareness and Training

SMP Ltd. recognises that the members of the organisational staff are the greatest asset in ensuring continuous improvement in minimising environmental negative impact. With this is mind the following procedures and policies will be actioned to ensure that staff awareness and training levels are sufficient to encourage and allow continuous improvement:

  • SMP Ltd. will ensure that all staff and members are aware of their environmental responsibilities relating to the Environmental Policy
  • Appropriate training will be given to staff to enable them to implement their responsibilities. Training requirements will be reviewed informally as required and formally on an annual basis as part of the review process
  • Employees will be encouraged to report any matter that they think is a danger to the environment, with such reports being taken seriously by the management team with formal follow-up

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