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Implementation Overview


Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.'s suite of implementation services for both HolisTech™ Web and HolisTech™ Horizon, ensures that you will optimise not just the performance of the CMMS but also your operations. Read more.

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H&S Risk Assessment Implementation

Assessing the risks that people may face whilst in the course of the operation of the workplace is a vital and obligatory part of modern business.  The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Regulation 3 states Every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of his employees to which they are exposed whilst they are at work”.

To assist managers in complying with this regulation, HolisTech™ Web and HolisTech™ Horizon includes a Health & Safety Risk Assessment (H&S RA) module that is held within the PPM and Work Order functions of the system.  The HolisTech™ H&S RA system can be used to analyse the risks involved in carrying out a PPM task or Work Order and can electronically complete the following activities:
  • Define the ‘Categories of Risk’ that may be present when a task is being carried out
  • Record the people that may be at risk when a task is being carried out
  • Define the likelihood of an accident occurring and the likely severity of injury should an accident occur whilst a task is being carried out
  • Recommend that Control Measures be put in place to control identified risks and protect the identified people
  • Allow the controlled authorisation of the Risk Assessment by competent personnel
  • Automatically append the results of the authorised Risk Assessment to work generated from HolisTech™
  • Automatically append the requisite Control Measures to work generated from HolisTech™
  • Store and manage Risk Assessment information and ensure that every repetitive PPM task subsequently issued by HolisTech™ has a full assessment, with requisite Control Measures, provided automatically

This process means that as a person physically picks work issued from HolisTech™, a Risk Assessment of that task is immediately apparent and must be signed for as having been read. This prevents any inconsistency in individual standards and gives a baseline of security for managers who are responsible for safe working conditions.

In summary HolisTech™ makes it easier to comply with the law, allows managers to monitor and assess risks within the working environment, and ensures employees are given every opportunity to understand risk situations and minimise danger to themselves and others.

In order for HolisTech™ to electronically and automatically control the H&S RA process there are ‘set up’ requirements to be addressed and SMP Ltd. could complete this process as an option on completion of the PPM Regime Master Instruction development  process.  This would involve the completion of the activities detailed in the sections below.  SMP Ltd. could complete these activities as an option in conjunction with the implementation of the PPM elements of HolisTech™ to ensure generation of PPM work activity is fully and accurately supported by H&S RA and appropriate Control Measures.

Setting Up Risk Assessment Options  


The Risk Assessment options within HolisTech™ allow the following to be defined:

  • H&S RA authorisation review period (i.e. how long assessments can continue to be automatically generated by HolisTech™ before being reviewed). NB: Risk assessments must also be reviewed with a change in condition.
  • Printing parameters (i.e. whether the system will automatically append printed copies of assessments and Control Measures when PPM tasks and Work Orders are routinely generated)
  • Assessment usage parameters (i.e. options in HolisTech™ allow assessments to be copied forward through PPM Master Instruction ‘Series’ and from ‘Master Instruction level’ to ‘Work Schedule Level’ and finally to ‘Work Outstanding Level’)

SMP Ltd. can provide advice and set up the Risk Assessment Options in conjunction with designated site personnel.


Setting Up Risk Assessment Code Lists


The H&S RA Code Lists within HolisTech™ allow users to precisely define the parameters of the assessment process and of the resulting Control Measures.  Code Lists include the elements shown in the following sub-sections and SMP Ltd. proposes to set these lists up in conjunction with designated site personnel and in line with current legislation:


Persons at Risk


The ‘Persons at Risk’ Code List includes references to all persons that may be affected by work activity managed through the HolisTech™ CMMS.  The list has a core defined by legislation, but will be extended to include any other personnel groups as required.


Categories of Risk


The ‘Risk Category’ Code List includes references to all possible risk types that could be encountered during the execution of work activity managed through the HolisTech™ CMMS.  The list has a core defined by legislation, but will be extended to include any other categories as required.


Control Measure Details


Each identified ‘Risk Category’ will have a ‘Control Measure’ entered into HolisTech™ that would be automatically appended to work activity generated by the software.  The Control Measure would be specific to the particular Risk Category concerned and would be designed to control the possibility of injury to the defined persons (i.e. from the ‘Persons at Risk’ Code List) whilst executing work activity managed through the HolisTech™ CMMS.  SMP Ltd. have a defined process for developing Control Measures that devolve responsibility for accepting the assessment and control measures to the ‘doer’ of the work activity (i.e. where legislation says this responsibility should lie), whilst allowing a feedback mechanism for non-acceptance if this is appropriate.


Applying Risk Assessment Settings to PPM Instructions


The results of the entered H&S RA ‘Options’ and ‘Code Lists’ must then be applied to the PPM Master Instructions (MIs) held within the HolisTech™ CMMS and must then be fed through to the scheduled instances of these MIs against their respective Assets (from the Asset Register).  This process would involve:

  • Reviewing the job steps of each PPM MI (i.e. at each ‘Series Level’ and for ‘Dailies’ and ‘Meters’) held within the HolisTech™ database and setting up a ‘generic’ H&S RA for the MI (i.e. identifying ‘Persons at Risk’, ‘Risk Categories’, ‘Risk Severity’ and ‘Risk Likelihood’) and then appending the relevant ‘Control Measures’ to control risks found to be sufficiently high
  • Ensuring the authorisation of the H&S RA is appropriate for the particular H&S RA
  • Applying the ‘Generic’ H&S RA set up for the PPM MI to the scheduled instance of the MI against a particular element of the HolisTech™ Asset Register
  • Reviewing the Generic H&S RA associated with the PPM MI that is scheduled against elements of the Asset Register to ensure it is still valid for the specific Asset(s) concerned (e.g. an Air Handling Unit may be located either in a roof space, or a ground floor plant room and the H&S RA may be different despite the job steps being the same for each)
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